Open Letter to the Share Holders of:
Roc Oil
Force Petroleum Limited

18 MAY 2008

Dear ROC, Force Petroleum Limited Share Holders,

I have decided to warn you in advance of where your money is going and will point out the heavy risks that you will be taking. I sincerely hope that you will not allow for others to lead you and your money into some grand African adventure, further reading I would suggest that you get hold of a copy of the latest issues of the independent African newsletter “Africa Monitor Intelligence” numbers AM 178 & AM 179, to find out and assess for yourselves the real situation, and to know where and how your money will be wasted. Don’t be fooled by ROC oil & Force Petroleum Limited and their big promises. Please do check these facts first.

1 - First and foremost Cabinda is not owned by the MPLA.
2 – The MPLA is an organized gang of thugs.
3 – The MPLA is an unelected organized syndicate of corrupt individuals.
4 – Only 20% of Cabinda is under military occupation by the MPLA.
5 – Cabinda is not part of Angola, and never will be and has no desire of it.
6 – Portugal, a government that was not called to Cabinda, came in 1884 & 1885 and with brandy made some questionable treaties with the Cabindan Chiefs. These treaties were done in bad faith and under false pretenses and are therefore null and void.
7 – The Portuguese were in Cabinda under false representation from the 14th of July 1887 until 11th of November 1974. In other words Portugal was in Cabinda only 87 years and a few months.
8 – Under no circumstances have Portugal, the Portuguese or any other nation the right to hand Cabinda over to any other people than the Cabindans themselves.
9 – Assassinations, Rape, Torture, Political Persecution, basic human rights violations take place in Cabinda on a daily basis, perpetrated in Cabinda by the MPLA criminal apparatus.
10 – With this present state as above explained, your presence in Cabinda is unwanted, and therefore we ask you to desist and do not come. Under normal circumstances we would welcome you, but not in such present circumstances.
11 – Every State, Nation, People and Country has the right to defend its' people from genocide and to protect its nation's present and future welfare.

Proposed plans for the plunder of the Cabinda onshore oil...

The Cabinda South Block Joint Venture comprises:

Equity Contributing Interest
Roc Oil Companies 60.0% & Operator 75.0%
Force Petroleum Limited 20.0% 25.0%
Sonangol P&P SA (A criminal organization) 20.0% nil"

“In 2005 and 2006 ROC acquired a total of 722km 2D and 416km2 3D seismic data, in two separate surveys. Based on preliminary interpretation, an encouraging number of prospects and leads have been identified. A high resolution aeromagnetic survey was acquired in March 2006, covering the entire Cabinda South Block. Drilling site preparation has commenced for a 2007 multi-well exploration drilling programme. ROC has signed a two-year contract with Simmons Drilling Overseas Limited for the Simmons Rig 80 to commence drilling by May 2007. In addition, the 100% ROC-owned Explorer rig is planned to be shipped from the UK to Angola, to commence drilling in April / May 2007.”

12 – On the 9 February 2006 the President of the Cabindan Nation his Excellency N’Zita Henriques Tiago, President of Cabinda signed the Cabinda National Bank Act, giving legal powers to the Cabinda National Bank and the Cabinda National Bank the rights and privileges of managing the Nation's wealth and to promote the public Good and Benefit of the Cabindan People and has stated in the Act:

“Whereas the Government of Cabinda Controls more than 80% of the Territorial Surface of the Country and Nation of Cabinda and that all the Mineral (Gold, Diamonds precious stones, Uranium, Mercury, Petrol, Natural Gas etc…) and goods (Precious Wood, Palm Oil, etc…) and wealth shall be, and be called, accepted, esteemed, reputed and taken as The Guarantee Capital and Principal Stock of the Corporation hereby constituted, and any other foreign monies (coins and notes) shall be, and be called Common Capital and extra Stock of the Corporation.”

We therefore invite all parties concerned to please reconsider their positions before handling any monies to the unelected MPLA. The Cabindan Government is ready to negotiate with all moral and ethical companies who are commited and wish to exploit the natural resources to be found in the Territory of the Cabindan Nation in a responsible way.


19 MARCH 2008

After more than thirty years of being burdened by the wars of national liberation, the Cabindan people never had peace in their lives, and in their own land. Once again the negotiations between FLEC/FCD with the Angolan government are rejected by the legitimated and recognized absolute majority role players of Cabindan politics – Presidente N'zita Henriques Tiago.

Since this virtual effort is null and void, Cabindan people are once and again in the middle of the hard times. The fighting between the unelected MPLA Angolan troops – FAA and the FLEC/FAC– Cabindan freedom fighters restarted. Villages and families, all civilians have been targeted, wounded, killed, even now many children, women and old people have disappeared. Few are reaching the two Congos. The unelected MPLA regime has brought 2000 more armed man to join their already 50.000 Armed Men to Cabinda in the start of September 2006, these men are placing personal land mines in Cabinda in a scale never seen before, the Cabinda population is unable to go to their field because of the personal land mines being placed everywhere in rural Cabinda.

It has been announced that the bombardments by FAA still continues in Mayombe (Piading) region. The destruction continues and Chemical Bombs – all banned internationally – are used to massacre innocent people. Therefore Cabindan people make an appeal to Africa and rest of the world for an international SOLIDARITY to save the lives of those innocent victims wherever they go by providing HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE.