Global Witness Report

25th March 2002


All the Presidents Men
The devastating story of oil and banking in Angola's privatised war.

All the Presidents Men is the product of two years of investigations, and provides an update on the campaign for full transparency in the oil and banking sector. It continues an exposé, which started with December 1999's A Crude Awakening, into the mechanisms of wholesale state robbery in Angola.

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Tous Les Hommes des Présidents
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In some countries, especially where ruling regimes are unaccountable to their population, state institutions that govern resource management exercise their powers as a form of private property rather than as a public service. Thus, revenues from natural resources that should promote development may serve to perpetuate and intensify national and regional conflicts.

A central requirement for the safe operation of such 'grand corruption' and the misappropriation of state funds is non-transparency over state budgets and revenues. If companies working within such countries do not publish what they pay to national governments, it is impossible for ordinary citizens to call their government to account over the management of rents earned from resources that should be managed in trust for the general population. Global Witness oil campaign focuses on this problem in Angola.

Investigations by Global Witness into Angola's oil sector shows how the ruling elite are deliberately exploiting political disorder from the country's civil war perpetuate highly organised economic abuses, up to and including wholesale looting of state revenues. Top Government officials appear to have privatised the military procurement process and now benefit financially from almost every item consumed in the pursuit of the war against UNITA: Angola's 30-year civil war has become, to all intents and purposes, privatised.

The Angolan oil sector currently provides between 80-90% of the State's revenue, worth about between US$3-5 billion each year, of which about one-third 'disappeared' or is unaccounted for in 2001.

International oil companies and the banking sector remain complicit with these activities as they refuse to publish what they part to the Angolan government. Thus, they are partners in the dispossession and progressive impoverishment of the Angolan people.

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