The Wisdom of the Central Stupidity Agency

Transnational Issues Angola
Disputes - international:
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Cabindan separatists continue to return to the Angolan exclave from exile in neighboring states and Europe since the 2006 ceasefire and peace agreement (BULLSHIT!!!)
Refugees and internally displaced persons:
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refugees (country of origin): 12,615 (Democratic Republic of Congo)
IDPs: 61,700 (27-year civil war ending in 2002; 4 million IDPs already have returned) (2007)
Illicit drugs:
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used as a transshipment point for cocaine destined for Western Europe and other African states, particularly South Africa

Central Stupidity Agency

THE classic website defacement of the CIA website back in 1996 done by the so called Power Through Resistance / Swedish Hackers Association.

It said:

Welcome to the Central Stupidity Agency

We'd just like to say one thing.. And that's:

Power Through Resistance would like to say: FUCK YOU! to the Central Intelligence Agency World Wide Web site. ...
but we already know you're all lame assholes.


never has so few braincells done so little for no one...

The Illusion of the United States of America

I remember a time when I was brought up thinking of the ideals and what it supposedly meant to be an American. Now that we have studied the history, and the documents that go with its history, it is shameful to see how slow on the uptake it has been the fate of the American people concerning not only their system of Governance or lack of it. One could say that the founding fathers of America did a half job. Of course the first American people first arrived in American soil, invited the Natives to Lunch then took their land and then killed the Native Americans then after they exterminated them such as the Apache Tribesmen they gave their name to their military equipment.

In Administration terms the Constitution or lack of a proper one, allows for one same individual, with or without any experience in governance, such as the case of the twat and mentally handicap George W. Bush Jr to be at the same time both Head of State and Head of Government, if this is not a way to create and put in one person the destiny of and entire nation and allow him to act and be like a dictator, then I do not know what the heck it is called.

Also, we cannot understand how come an ex-president Richard Nixon, has an American citizen and further more as an ex-president has the capacity or lack of it, it seems, along with the guts, and an incredible misjudgement of decency and ethic to go to China in 1973 to meet and shake the hands of one of the greatest criminal bastards in human history which send to kill 70 Million of people during peace time. If a criminal kills one person he is sent to prison if some one just has finished killing 70 Million of people you send the ex-president of the United States of America to drink tea with him and shake his hands. Where is decency has your brains suddenly became empty of grey matter? And another thing what the fuck are you doing with the economics of the world ass hols.

Nixon bowing in to Mass Murderer Mao in a servitude position. Is Nixon bowing in regards to the 72 million Chinese Criminal and Mass Murderer Mao ordered to be killed under his direct oppressive dictatorship rule?

And what about the Stupid declarations of the brain less US ambassador to Luanda, saying that the best Horse Bet is the Criminal Bastard and Murderer Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

American politics need a radical brain surgery.

And the decent political people in America are side lined. Wake up American people, wake up before your showbiz and oilbiz politicians take you to a live of misery.

Mangovo Ngoyo, Mwana Kabinda

In 1978, Nicolae Ceausescu in a state visit the UK, was awarded an honorary knighthood to the megalomaniac Romanian dictator. Apparently Jim Callaghan and his foreign secretary of the time, David Owen, thought that all this kowtowing would persuade Ceausescu to order a large number of military aircraft from the then state-owned British Aerospace. Showing the same amazing opportunism and lack of dignity - but in an opposite direction - the Foreign Office revoked Ceausescu's knighthood on 22 December 1989 just as the dictator was attempting, unsuccessfully, to flee from his rioting subjects. We can confidently predict that the Foreign Office will not revoke Robert Mugabe's honorary knighthood until the day after the brutalized people of Zimbabwe rise up against their oppressor.