Cabinda: Suppression of Civil Society NGO Mpalabanda


The president of Mpalabanda or “Cabinda Civic Association” (MACC), Augustin Chicaia, was informed on Monday 19 June of the ongoing judicial proceedings instigated by the Public Ministry in the Provincial Court of Cabinda aiming at making illegal Mpalabanda, an association promoting Human Rights in the enclave. The association has only ten days to contest /appeal this decision.
Contacted by, the president of the MACC declared "extreme surprise" by "such a trial" that once again "proves the great power of the Government of Angola”, appealing to “all the political personalities and lawyers defending human rights to help the Mpalabanda at this serious moment". According to, Mpalabanda is accused of allegedly carrying out political activities; an accusation already formulated by some members of the Angolan Government.

Sources of the also affirm that the document of the Court of Cabinda contains a list of 27 witnesses who pronounced against the MACC, such as members of the Episcopal Conference of Angola and São Tomé (CEAST), as well as the Security of State, National Policy, Municipal Armed Forces, Administrators and the Government of Cabinda, Aníbal Rock, as well as Víctor Jorge Gomes, the former commander of the Front of Libetração of the Enclave of Cabinda (FLEC).

In ten days, Mpalabanda will have to mobilize all its best lawyers, in Cabinda and internationally, in order "to judicially fight for its survival", as a Luandense source that preferred keeping anonymous confirmed. "Surprising," according to some sources of the, "is the attitude of the Office of the attorney general of the Republic in Cabinda, who never acted to put a stop to the deaths, violence, daily detentions and other barbarities".

According to some observers, this attempt to make the Mpalabanda illegal occurs in the wake of numerous threats of political and religious Angolan personalities. Since its creation, Mpalabanda has denounced the constant violations of Human rights in Cabinda, an uncomfortable situation for Luanda, which intends to transmit to the world "a new image of Angola".