Roc Oil

Mr. John Doran, ROC CEO

Mark 8:36 "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"

UN Declaration on the Permanent Sovereignty over Natural Resources

UN Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples

Word of caution to ROC Oil

"Cabinda’s on shore oil belongs to the people of Cabinda. Only the people of Cabinda through their legitimate state organs have the right to dispose of on shore resources. The Cabinda South Block has been leased to the Cabinda oil monopoly, Cabinda National Petroleum. Your actions are nothing more than that of a bushranger or brigand. If you operate within the liberated zones of Cabinda and that is most of the countryside where FAA forces are not garrisoned you do so at your own risk, FAC will not guarantee the safety of your men or material."

Dear Mr. J. Doran, ROC, CEO you will start drilling in onshore Cabinda When?

If you come to mainland Cabinda to drill for oil and give your company Australian Dollars to the non elected and foreign Marxist MPLA regime make sure you bring your balls between your legs made of steel because you will need it!

What would your company and the Australian people think and feel if we the Cabindan Government started mining in Australia for Opal or other minerals and paid the Indonesian government for the concession and the mining in Australian soil?

Just because the Angolan MPLA troops in Cabinda have the bigger guns does that makes their presence legitimate in Cabinda?, and what about even their legitimacy to rule the foreign country of Angola? they have neither, the end for the Angola MPLA is might their Comrade JES knows this. Go and ask him where he keeps the money he receives from oil companies like yours, (in the banks of Brazil), ask him where his son incorporated the oil company he started last year (Hong Kong) why? they know the end is might their regime cannot go on for ever. And then what are you going to do when we nationalize your assets after the collapse of the leading most corrupt organization in Africa history the MPLA, are you going to come to us saying what? Sorry we took the oil from Cabinda and paid the non elected MPLA regime! (All the money given to the MPLA regime is no where to be seen), sorry we gave the money to the MPLA to pay the construction of high rising apartment blocks in Tropical Africa who the fuck is going to live in those blocks in the sun of central Africa if not the fucking Chinese, what what expensive those 15 high apartment blocks cost.

The least we need is for ROC oil to come to Cabinda and help the unelected Marxist MPLA to fucking around in Cabinda!

Drilling in Cabinda onshore or offshore 200 miles of the coast of Cabinda is considered theft, which part you don’t understand. The occupation of the MPLA (Movement Popular Liberation of Angola) is both criminal and illegal.

The Cabindan Government is considering its response, wait for it.



Reaffirmation Letter of the Constitution
of the Independence of the Republic of Cabinda

"The People and the Regency of the Republic of Cabinda, reminding the Peoples of the world that have Proclaimed the Letter of the United Nations and accepted the Letter of Havana", along with the “Universal Declaration of the Human Rights”, the “Convention of Vienna on Relationships Diplomats” the Resolution 1514, the Resolution 1803 of the United Nations, and keeping in mind the text of the same in which affirms: "That the Peoples of the world have proclaimed in the Letter of the United Nations that they are resolved to reaffirm the faith in the fundamental rights of all humans, in the dignity and the human person's value, in the equality of men and women rights and of the big and small nations, and to elevate the level of life inside a wider concept of the freedom, equality, respect, wisdom and fraternity."

That the frontiers of the present territory called Angola were fixed by foreign European powers in the conference of Berlin 1884-1885, where it is evidenced that the Nation Country and Territory of Cabinda is not and has never been part of the so called territory of Angola, besides that they always have been two separate territories geographically and had never shared a border among themselves, not have they shared any frontier, as well as it is both in the ethnic and linguistic level.

All the countries signatories to the Conference of Berlin on the 26th February 1885 (Great Britain, Austria, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, The Low Countries, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Turkey, and the United States of North America), they took knowledge that the Kingdom of Portugal signed the Treaty of Simulambuco on the 1st of February 1885 with the Governors and Princes of Cabinda and later on, they made it to be recognized, homologated and used in conformity to that of the Records of Berlin on the 26th of February of 1885, in this manner the territory of Cabinda became a Portuguese Protectorate and their Status of Protectorate was countersigned by the inclusive b) of the paragraph 2 of the Article 16 of the "Letter of Havana" of the 24th of March 1948.

The constitution of Portugal of 1933 clearly states that the territory of Cabinda, distinct from any other territory including that of Angola.

As well many Official documents of the United Nations and of the World Trade Organization clearly state and consider the territory of Cabinda different and independent to the territory of Angola.

Both the Organization for African Unit (OUA) in 1964, identifies Cabinda the territory with number 39 in the list to be decolonized and states the territory of Angola a totally different number giving it the number 35, clearly separating both countries, further more the United Nations on the 20th of November 1962 took notice of the desire for auto determination of the People of Cabinda.

The peoples of the world, aware of the growing conflicts that it originates the fact of denying the freedom to those peoples or to impede it, which constitutes a direct and serious threat to the world peace....

Convinced that all the peoples are entitled to an inalienable right to absolute freedom, to the exercise of their sovereignty and the total integrity of their national territory...

Proclaiming the necessity to put a quick end, and unconditionally to colonialism in all its forms and manifestations for the achievement of economic, social and cultural development of the militant peoples...

The People of Cabinda reaffirms solemnly before the international community, based on popular free will, and based on the principles of democratic alternatives:

The constitution of a Free, Independent and Sovereign State, governed by a national Constitutional Democratic system, of African Humanist tendency, of Christian progressive confession that acquires has its form of regime that of the Republic of Cabinda. In accordance with its doctrine, orientation it declares itself has an African Free and Sovereign State, as well for its own free and spontaneous will proclaims:

1. The respect to the treaties and the international commitments in the mark of the respect for Peoples Auto Determination.

2. The adhesion to the Letter of the UN.

3. The adhesion to the Letter of Havana.

4. The adhesion to the Letter of the Organization of African Unity.

5. The adhesion to the Universal Declaration of Human rights.

6. The adhesion to the Declaration on the Concession of the Independence to the Countries and colonial peoples.

7. The adhesion to the Convention of Vienna on Diplomatic Relationships.

8. The adhesion to the Resolution on "Permanent Sovereignty over Natural Resources ".

The People of the Republic of Cabinda having decided to defend its Independence and its territorial integrity and to exercise the control of its resources and natural wealth, fights along side all Peoples lovers of peace and for the maintenance of the primordial values of peace, the international security and the fight against poverty and the respect for Human rights.

Affirms its support to all the Movements of Liberation of all Peoples under unlawful colonial dominance.

In this historical time we had been able to maintain and recover more than 80% of our territory, all Cabindas; Reaffirm the Constitution of Independence of the Republic of Cabinda, and we request our siblings and all the lawfully elected and constituted countries of the world to RECOGNIZE diplomatically Our Nation, at the same time that it manifests its aspiration of establishing reciprocal relationships based on friendship, cooperation and in the non inference in its internal issues.

The Republic of Cabinda, requests from international community that believe in the values of freedom, justice, equality of the men, as the respect to the self-determination of Peoples has a fundamental base for the progress of the whole world and a future of peace and friendship among the nations of the world:

That they may support us in the building and in the development of Our Nation to guarantee, a better future for all Cabindas.

All that here given, is the command and the will of all Cabindas.

Cabinda, 14th of December 2006



Com a entrada das forcas de Libertação Nacional em Tchiowa será esta para defender e proteger todo o Cidadão de Cabinda. Em três meses as forcas de Libertação de Cabinda formarão a policia de Cabinda e formar-se-a o Exercito de Cabinda para defesa Nacional.

A Frente de Libertação de Cabinda fará eleições (FLEC-FAC) de seguida com a participação de toda a sociedade civil e religiosa para eleger todos os órgãos de administração do estado e da Nação de Cabinda, qualifica todo o Cidadão de Cabinda maior de idade 18 anos.

As eleições de Cabinda serão livres e feitas com transparência, onde todos terão o direito de votar e eleger quem queiram.

A FLEC ira criar um Parlamento de Cabinda onde todos terão o direito de representar a sua povoação, aldeia, vila ou cidade.

Os Cabindas terão o direito de propor votar e fazer as suas próprias leis para a boa administração e governo de todas as populações de Cabinda.

O Estado de Cabinda assegurara.

A prosperidade da Nação a irradiação da pobreza de Cabinda devera ser uma prioridade, assim como o bem estar a população Cabinda a sua educação saúde e bem estar social e familiar.

A Educação dos Cabindas e’ muito importante todo o Cabinda recebera a melhor educação possível, cada Cabinda dirá qual e a que nível a que aspira, o Governo de Cabinda dará todo o suporte para com todo o Cabinda que deseje instruir-se.

O Governo Nacional de Cabinda construíra hospitais em todas as cidades e vilas nas aldeias haverá clinicas e postos médicos de atenção a todo Cabinda de forma gratuita. A atenção medica bem como operações serão suportadas pelo Governo Nacional de Cabinda.

Toda a saúde publica será gratuita nos Hospitais de Cabinda para a população.

A educação primaria, secundaria, colegial superior e Universitária será gratuita a todo o Cabinda tenha a idade que tiver desde jovem ao mais velho todo o Cidadão Cabinda que quiser se instruir e estudar será auxiliado pelo estado de Cabinda.

1 - Aos Jovens de Cabinda terão a garantia de continuação dos seus estudos e garantia de trabalho digno e profissional.

Cada Cabinda de idade compreendidas de 18 a 33 anos recebera do Banco Nacional de Cabinda por ano $10.000 Dólares anuais.

2 – A população adulta activa.

Garantia de trabalho digno e suporte para uma continua formação profissional e ou continuar os seus estudos.

Cada Cabinda de idade compreendidas de 34 a 50 anos recebera do Banco Nacional de Cabinda por ano $20.000 Dólares anuais.

Aos casais que estiverem casados receberão $5.000 por ano por cada filhos que tiverem de 1 dia de nascimento a 5 anos, e $7.000 por ano por cada filhos com idades compreendidas de 6 a 17 anos inclusive.

3 – Aos mais velhos.

A seguridade de uma vida cómoda e digna para os mais velhos e idosos o cuidado e velo pela sua saúde, se instalara todas as facilidades medicas possíveis e velaremos por encontrar e instalar todas as melhores facilidades modernas possíveis para tratar a saúde de todo Cabinda.

Cada Cabinda de idade compreendidas de 51 anos a ate a maior idade alcançada recebera do Banco Nacional de Cabinda por ano $30.000 Dólares anuais.


1- Nossas obrigações

Ajudar todo o combatente Cabinda.
Para alem de ser um dever e’ uma obrigação que cada Cabinda lute pela sua autodeterminação, pela sua dignidade como indivíduo e como ser humano.
No inicio de 2007 a política do Governo de Libertação Nacional será de ofensiva, haverá grande ofensivas do exercito de unidade nacional FLEC-FAC.

Igualmente e nosso dever como Cabindas de manter a nossa identidade cultural viva, a nossa língua Ibinda deve ser aprendida e falada por todo Cabinda com orgulho, a língua Ibinda e’ a língua de honra, por devemos facilitar que os nossos filhos aprendam a nossa língua ancestral. Todo o Cabinda deve ter e sentir orgulho no coração da sua terra, cultura tradição usos e costumes.

2 - Nossos direitos.

Todo o Cabinda tem o direito inerente como cidadão Cabinda.

3 – Comportamento para com o inimigo.

Ao fim de 31 anos de ocupação Angolana 70% da população Cabinda vive debaixo da linha de pobreza.

O tempo de falar com o inimigo já expirou, nenhum Cabinda tem nada para falar com o MPLA e’ um monologo, por tal não existe dialogo, a liberdade e o bem estar do povo de Cabinda não pode esperar, os cidadãos de Cabinda demandam a sua liberdade imediata.

O Cabinda nunca deve acreditar em nada que um Angolano diga. Todo o Cabinda na presença dos Angolano deve usar de prudência e deve ter consciência de que tudo o que diga pode ser usado pelo inimigo contra os Cabindas e pôr em perigo a liberdade do povo de Cabinda, cautela, silencio e’ o melhor comportamento que um Cabinda deve ter na presença de um Angolano.

4 - Comportamento que um Cabinda deve ter para com os estrangeiros.

O comportamento de um Cabinda na presença de um estrangeiro deve ser de discrição e sigilo.

O Cabinda deve verificar quais são os estrangeiros que estão contra os interesses do povo de Cabinda nomeadamente a sua autodeterminação como Nação e Povo e deve advertir pôr meio de cautela aos demais Cabindas de qual posição partilha esse determinado estrangeiro.

5 – Comportamento para com os que atraicionam a Pátria.

Todo o Cabinda deve manter silencio absoluto e não dirigir palavra ou falar com aqueles que se suspeita de colaboração com o inimigo esses são os Judas do Povo de Cabinda os traidores da Pátria.

CABINDA 2007 - Cabinda population lines up for gas in the land of natural gas, we really need the angolans and the MPLA to help us without them we don’t know what to do.

CABINDA 2007 - Since the retreat of the Portuguese the conditions of the streets of central Cabinda city have improved allot as these pictures shows us, thanks to the MPLA and the angolans.



10 October 2006

 Cabindan people demand the immediate release of their leader Raul Manuel Danda

The deprivation of the legal representation for the accused person in the sense of taking his right as retribution for his/her crime must be considered out-moded and barbaric. It has no place in modern society. The right to legal representation is an internationally recognized reality and should not be altered through national legislation which is arbitrary to the constitution and rules of law.

Mr Raul Manuel Danda, head of family, a journalist and actor by profession , spokesperson of the only local voice of Human Rights in Cabinda the Mpalabanda Association Civic of Cabinda ( M.A.C.C ), was recently banned by the Angolan regime in Cabinda. He was arrested by the police of the Angolan authority in his return from Luanda in the local airport for the reason unknown to everybody in the territory.

The man is languishing in an isolated cell where he is refrained of all human conditions (food, water, visitors and is sick with no treatment ). Moreover, his lawyer was not allowed to access him when he made his first appearance in the local court of Cabinda.

Medieval Society accepted all these kinds of treatments because at that stage of our development law, ethics and morality were closely interwoven. However, the international community has placed the right to legal representation at the top of list of basic human rights. Angola has followed the lead and has included these rights in the constitution of 1992 though it is not yet reflecting the standard required internationally. Confusion exist about weather the constitution is Supreme or the Parliament is Sovereign.

Certainly , the kind of attitude displayed to Mr Danda by the angolan authorities will not constitute punishment in advance on the basic of suspicion because it breaches the rules and norms of the international law which stipulates in its Human Rights Declaration that ''Every accused person is still innocent until found guilty before a court of law in a trial conducted fairly , where the state respected the proceedings , norms and rules of law of ''EVIDENCE ''. Contrary to this constitution a violation of individual rights – which is cruel ,degrading ,inhuman ,brutal and barbaric . This behaviour has to be strong condemned in the face of the current legal opinion both nationally and internationally.

The people of Cabinda are victimised and hostages in their own land, and therefore , demand with no delay the immediate release of their leader who was arrested for no apparent reason.



The Independence of Cabinda a legal document for a Court of International Law.


UNPO Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation
Is an international organisation created by nations and peoples around the world, who are not represented as such in the world's principal international organisations, such as the United Nations.

UN Declaration on the Permanent Sovereignty over Natural Resources

UN Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples