1 The President of the Republic of Cabinda does not know with what right the unelected MPLA Regime is invading the Cabindan Nation, why they force the Cabindan people to be annexed to the so called patched up country of Angola.

2 The President is mandated by the People of Cabinda to liaise with the invaders and for them to accept a peaceful resolution to the issue of Cabinda, the unelected MPLA Regime has never responded to the letters and diligences that he has made in order to resolve the Cabindan occupation.

The President of Cabinda wants to end the war in Cabinda, the war imposed by the MPLA it is necessary that the government and the Angolan authorities schedule a meeting of all Cabindan movements in a neutral country, that is not either Angola or Portugal, this in order to resolve officially the conflict in Cabinda.

Peace today is Possible.

The humiliation of the Cabindan people that are searched and discriminated against, in their own country by those without any lack of righteousness.

The other issue of great importance for us is the matter of the prisoners of Cabinda, that are held without any charge, and are systematically tortured.

The growing number of Cabindan refugees, that have to flee their own country fearing for their lives due to persecution and aggression, by the MPLA Regime just because they are Cabindas.

The murders in Cabinda committed by the armed force of the MPLA Regime.

The rapes in Cabinda done in front of their mothers and family.

Some elements of the MPLA Regime are afraid of the Human right court in the Hague, they are afraid of a charge of genocide, that is as we speak being prepared by us.

They are afraid because they are guilty of murder and rape they are guilty of pillage and misappropriation of public funds, they are guilty not only of crimes against the people of Cabinda, but also of their own people.

Time is running out for this regime of terror called MPLA, time is now for a regime change in Angola, a regime change that will bring prosperity and stability for the Angolan people, and it will bring peace and social justice to all.

Those that deny the freedom to others deserve no freedom for themselves.

No nation has the right to suppress another nation.

Even in poverty the Nation of Cabindan, and its people stands in unity against the foreign aggressors.

We will never surrender.

The Independence of Cabinda is a historic inevitability, that soon or later has to come.

The unelected MPLA Regime must be forced by the international community to end its occupation and brutal repression of the Cabindan People.


The wealth of Cabinda with a population of 1 million and 750 thousand people, has several resources such as its Oil, Gas, phosphate, uranium, gold, diamonds, wood. Coffee, corn, cacao, manioc, banana, and the oil of palm are other products that you encounter with abundance in Cabinda.

We are open and welcome those with vision that want to partake in the wealth of Cabinda, we welcome those that aspire to business with a country without the stain of corruption.

You will find the Republic of Cabinda a welcoming place where the opportunity to do business and to prosper will be next to none. 

The Government of Cabinda is committed to building a Cabinda Republic where freedom, opportunity, prosperity and civil society flourish.

Father Raul Tati
President of Cabinda